Specialised & Customised Glass


Specialised & Customised Glass Solutions

Richmond Glass have the team, expertise, and equipment to provide a ‘no compromise’ approach to your specialised and customised glass needs. Where others say no, Richmond Glass find a way to provide you with second-to-none satisfaction quality and service to ensure your ideas turn to reality.

Richmond Glass provide a service from the initial design, concepts and plans, right through to installation by an experienced technician.


Bullet Proof Glass

Where the utmost level of safety is required, bullet proof glass is an effective way to ensure a safe environment remains no matter the objects thrown at it.

Find out more about our bullet proof glass technology here


Safety Glass

Safety glass completely eliminates the risk of cuts through having no sharp glass particles when it suffers impact. We can provide a range of safety glass to suit your needs.

Find out more about our safety glass technology here


Switchable Glass

Switchable glass can be defined as where ‘technology meets glass’. Switchable glass provides a convenient minimalist to your internal environment. Through LEDs, Switchable glass allows a frosted or non visible black out of the glassed area at the flick of a switch.

Find out more about our switchable glass technology here


Digital Art Glass

Not all glass is the same, and during the glass installation process provides an opportunity to add art and other elements into the design. Digital art glass is an effective way to add flair and create a one-of-a-kind piece.

Find out more about our digital art glass technology here


Curved Glass

When considering a customised glass solution, incorporating an additional dimension through curved glass will turn it into a statement piece. Showers, screens and balustrades have been a proven way to work with glass.

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