Fences & Screens


Fences & Screens

Glass fencing and screens are an excellent way to improve windy or exposed areas, or to increase safety around heights and water. Glass fencing is an modern way to met pool safety fencing regulations while still giving a stylish look. Glass screens can provide great shelter from wind and rain while still maximising sun exposure.

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Glass Fencing

Our glass fencing is built to a 10mm (or above) thickness to provide a safe area. We use high-quality industry leading fixtures to give you the confidence so you can use your area to it’s potential


Pool Fencing

Due to regulations, often clients believe pool fencing can’t be modern, and we’re here to change that. A code compliant glass pool fence will not only enhance your cooling-off area and allow you to watch the pool area, but also make it an easy-to-clean designer look.


Screens & Windbreaks

Screens and windbreaks give you the ability to turn windy or exposed areas into entertainment or functional masterpieces. Glass is a long-lasting, easy to maintain way of breaking up your backyard, without affecting sunlight exposure.


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